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Packages no longer have to be laboriously searched for and checked. Our experts and the entire community are continuously putting together packages and making them freely available in our Software Hub.


With SINA and access to our Software Hub, you get the best and easiest solution for your software management. With our Software Hub, SINA only has a single access point for downloading packages. Since all packages are completely based on helm, they can be used universally.


Instead of opening your firewall for every package, our Software Hub is your only source for everything your cluster needs. As the only access point to your cluster, air gaps can be reduced to a minimum.

is our software installer and text frontend for our Software Hub.

With SINA, packages can be downloaded from Kubernative Software Hub and installed directly into your cluster. The unique selling point of SINA is that all dependencies and objects required for the installation are delivered within one package. For the first time this allows us to install several artefacts at once. For example, in one step you can install helm-based software in your air gap cluster, integrate installation packages on all hosts and even create users. Additionally, SINA can be expanded at any time using the integrated plug-in interface. SINA has thus become the universal plug-in installer that offers everything your cluster needs.

The image illustrates only one of many possible use cases.

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Currently available packages in the Software Hub
 kube-slack               	 1.3.2   	 Chart for kube-slack, a monitoring service for Kubernetes
 metallb                  	 0.12.1  	 DEPRECATED MetalLB is a load-balancer implementation for bare metal Kubernetes.
 sumologic-fluentd        	 2.1.0   	 Sumologic Log Collector.
 traefik                  	 1.87.5  	 A Traefik based Kubernetes ingress controller with Let's Encrypt support
 vault-operator           	 0.1.1   	 CoreOS vault-operator Helm chart for Kubernetes.
 auditbeat                	 1.1.0   	 A lightweight shipper to audit the activities of users and processes on your systems.
 heartbeat                	 1.2.0   	 A Helm chart to periodically check the status of your services with heartbeat.
 gce-ingress              	 1.2.0   	 A GCE Ingress Controller
 kube-state-metrics       	 2.9.1   	 Install kube-state-metrics to generate and expose cluster-level metrics
 metrics-server           	 2.11.2  	 Metrics Server is a cluster-wide aggregator of resource usage data.
 stackdriver-exporter     	 1.3.0   	 Stackdriver exporter for Prometheus.
 coscale                  	 1.0.0   	 CoScale Agent
 efs-provisioner          	 0.13.0  	 A Helm chart for the AWS EFS external storage provisioner
 oauth2-proxy             	 3.2.3   	 A reverse proxy that provides authentication with Google, Github or other.
 opa                      	 1.14.4  	 Open source, general-purpose policy engine. Enforce fine-grained invariants.
 unbound                  	 1.1.2   	 Unbound is a fast caching DNS resolver
 k8s-spot-termination-handler	 1.4.9   	 The K8s Spot Termination handler handles draining AWS Spot Instances in response to termination requests.
 metricbeat               	 1.7.1   	 A Helm chart to collect Kubernetes logs with metricbeat.
 kuberos                  	 0.2.1   	 An OIDC authentication helper for Kubernetes
 magic-ip-address         	 0.1.0   	 A Helm chart to assign static IP addresses for node-local services
 magic-namespace          	 0.6.0   	 Elegantly enables a Tiller per namespace in RBAC-enabled clusters
 mysqldump                	 2.6.1   	 A Helm chart to help backup MySQL databases using mysqldump.
 node-problem-detector    	 1.8.0   	 Chart for nginx-ingress-controller and kube-lego.
 spotify-docker-gc        	 1.0.0   	 A simple Docker container and image garbage collection script.
 etcd-operator            	 0.11.0  	 CoreOS etcd-operator Helm chart for Kubernetes
 etcd-operator            	 2.5.1   	 A Fluentd Elasticsearch Helm chart for Kubernetes.
 karma                    	 1.7.0   	 A Helm chart for Karma - an UI for Prometheus Alertmanager
 vsphere-cpi              	 0.2.1   	 A Helm chart for vSphere Cloud Provider Interface Manager (CPI).
 cluster-overprovisioner  	 0.4.1   	 Installs the a deployment that overprovisions the cluster
 couchbase-operator       	 1.0.0   	 A Helm chart to deploy the Couchbase Autonomous Operator for easily deploying, managing, and maintaining Couchbase Clusters.
 jaeger-operator          	 2.12.2  	 jaeger-operator Helm chart for Kubernetes
 aerospike                	 0.3.3_beta	 A Helm chart for Aerospike in Kubernetes
 aerospike         	 A generated aerospike Helm chart to deploy an aerospike Helm-Chart for SINA.
 clamav                   	 1.0.5   	 An Open-Source antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats.
 logdna-agent             	 2.0.0   	 Run this, get logs. All cluster containers. LogDNA collector agent daemonset.
 memcached                	 3.2.3   	 Free & open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system.
 coredns                  	 1.13.4  	 Installs the a deployment that overprovisions the cluster
 katafygio                	 1.0.1   	 Continuously backup Kubernetes objets as YAML files in git
 hlf-peer                 	 1.6.1   	 Hyperledger Fabric Peer chart (these charts are created by AID:Tech and are currently not directly associated with the Hyperledger project)
 ingressmonitorcontroller 	 1.0.48  	 Apache Ignite is an open-source distributed database, caching and processing platform designed to store and compute on large volumes of data across a cluster.
 kube-hunter              	 1.0.3   	 A Helm chart for Kube-hunter
 nginx-ldapauth-proxy     	 0.1.4   	 nginx proxy with ldapauth.
 gangway                  	 0.4.3   	 An application that can be used to easily enable authentication flows via OIDC for a kubernetes cluster.
 goldpinger               	 2.0.2   	 Goldpinger makes calls between its instances for visibility and alerting.
 k8s-spot-rescheduler     	 0.4.4   	 A k8s-spot-rescheduler Helm chart for Kubernetes
 nginx-lego               	 0.3.1   	 Chart for nginx-ingress-controller and kube-lego.
 node-red                 	 1.4.3   	 Node-RED is low-code programming for event-driven applications.
 docker-registry          	 1.9.4   	 A Helm chart for Docker Registry
 elasticsearch-exporter   	 3.7.0   	 Elasticsearch stats exporter for Prometheus
 cerebro                  	 1.9.3   	 A Helm chart for Cerebro - a web admin tool that replaces Kopf.
 hlf-ord                  	 1.1.0   	 Hyperledger Fabric Orderer chart (these charts are created by AID:Tech and are currently not directly associated with the Hyperledger project)
 kanister-operator        	 0.3.0   	 Kanister-operator Helm chart for Kubernetes
 kube2iam                 	 2.5.1   	 Provide IAM credentials to pods based on annotations.
 mercure                  	 4.0.1   	 The Mercure hub allows to push data updates using the Mercure protocol to web browsers and other HTTP clients in a convenient, fast, reliable and battery-efficient
 heapster                 	 1.0.2   	 Heapster enables Container Cluster Monitoring and Performance Analysis.
 socat-tunneller          	 0.1.0   	 A Helm chart for socat-tunneller.
 spartakus                	 1.1.6   	 Collect information about Kubernetes clusters to help improve the project.
 efs-provisioner          	 0.13.0  	 A Helm chart for the AWS EFS external storage provisioner
 envoy                    	 1.9.2   	 Envoy is an open source edge and service proxy, designed for cloud-native applications.
 gcp-night-king           	 1.0.2   	 A Helm chart for GCP Night King
 locust                   	 1.2.1   	 A modern load testing framework.
 signalsciences           	 2.0.0   	 SignalSciences is a web application firewall. This chart is the installable
 chartmuseum              	 2.14.0  	 Host your own Helm Chart RepositoryChartmuseum
 drone                    	 2.7.2   	 Drone is a Continuous Delivery system built on container technology
 eventrouter              	 0.3.0   	 A Helm chart for eventruter (https://github.com/heptiolabs/eventrouter)
 filebeat                 	 7.4.0   	 A Helm chart to collect Kubernetes logs with filebeat
 sealed-secrets           	 1.11.0  	 A Helm chart for Sealed Secrets

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